Brand refresh for social media automation startup

Albizu García, CEO
Rafael Torres, CTO

In search of a new identity

GAIN makes the social publishing workflow easy for agencies, social media managers, and anyone working in teams. Back in 2016, the founders of GAIN needed to refresh the brand for their startup and a new design for the marketing site that displayed all the new features they were launching.

I worked directly with both founders to iterate on the website design, creating multiple layouts and applying the new brand to the app as well. They wanted to represent how their company could help agencies achieve more in less time, and that's the main reason why the symbol had a G with a checkmark inside: to demonstrate productivity.

A site that sells

The marketing homepage needed to do a great job on showing off the most important features of the app and how it would benefit the client. To accomplish that, we designed different sections with illustrations and mockups to highlight the features and make them noticeable.

Today, the team has grown from 2 to 12 employees and have new companies and agencies around the world as clients using their product.