What I’m doing now

This is a now page, it’s about what I’m focused on at this point of my life. Learn more here

As the new design manager at Red Ventures Puerto Rico, I'm focused on how we design and build the best user experiences across multiple businesses and industries: travel, safety, credit cards, sleep, among others. Now I work alongside product, business, SEO and tech teams to deliver and launch impactful products.

🏠 Home:

Learned (in a hard way) that a house is a project that is always a WIP. Every now and then I find myself painting, fixing or planning the next phase for the home. This will never end.

πŸ“— Reading:

Currently reading "Resilient Management" by Lara Hogan. Great book for first-time and experienced managers in the design and tech industry.

πŸ“» Listening:

The Midnight released a new punch-in-your-face single "Neon Medusa" from his upcoming album Horror Show. It's good, great and insane, as every other song they have released. Give it a listen.

Alex Ferreira, a fellow brother from sister island Dominican Republic, released his latest album called "TANDA". Great mix of tropical, bachata (I can't believe I'm writing this, used not to be a fan of it but oh well), and indie. Have to say that I picked up my bass and started covering some of his songs.

Last update: March, 2021