What I’m doing now

This is a now page, it’s about what I’m focused on at this point of my life. Learn more here
Stay at home:

Due to the Covid19, I’m still working from home. That has given me time to grow some more vegetables and put the garden in order.

Still trying to get the habit to put on the shoes and run a few miles a day, but finding it hard for fear of getting the virus.


Reading about the capabilities of NoCode tools. Learning about Bubble, Airtable and Zapier. Maybe I’ll come up with something.

Recently bought a new guitar, so I’m exploring new sounds and riffs.

Also, I’m watching the Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Scientific Thinking and Communication Masterclass. Quite interesting his perspective about life and how to approach conversations with others.


New albums that recently released and blew my mind: The Mignight “Monsters” and Un Corazón “Cielo en la Tierra”. Recently found this YouTube channel that has really good lofi music and this heavy metal band where the lead singer is a woman and no one on Earth sings/screams like her. Seriously.

Last update: July, 2020