What I’m doing now

This is a now page, it’s about what I’m focused on at this point of my life. Learn more here

👨‍💻 Projects:

Personal Site:

Simplifying and automating this site. Working to make Notion my CMS to easily export posts and Now updates here. And yes, it’s been long overdue to start writing again, specially now with all these crazy things going over at Twitter. 🐦

Vestíbulo Uno:

The home goods and items shop my wife is building has a site and new products made in concrete. Make sure to take a look



My wife, in-laws and I embarked to renovate the kitchen as a DIY project. Took approximately 10 days and a lot of worked happened during that week+. Nonetheless, and amidst how tiring it was, the kitchen turned out great and glad we did it ourselves.


Working in a tiny experiment with a friend. More soon.

📖 Reading

Currently reading “The Minimalist Entrepreneur” by Sahil Lavignia, founder of Gumroad. I recommend this book to any person that wants to build a product in a minimal fashion way by doing more with less.

Here are a few quotes:

“The goal here is to build something “good enough”. Good enough to show others, and good enough for them to pay for. Which is always much less than you think.”

“Just get going, and keep going. Your failures will fade, while your successes will stick around and compound.”

Last update:
November, 2022