Who am I?

About me in 15 seconds:

I am a product designer living in Puerto Rico with my wife and dog. I'm currently design manager at Red Ventures, overseeing product design for multiple businesses. Prior to that I was at Banco Popular, where I designed, prototyped and built financial solutions for more than 1.1M users.

Taken by wife at The Great Wall, Beijing, China.
Longer bio:

For the past 8+ years I’ve been designing and building sites, apps, products and digital campaigns with agencies, startups, design studios and corporate. I first started designing sites (in Photoshop, way before Sketch) for digital campaigns for companies like Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Pampers, Wendy's and more.

After a few all-nighters and several campaigns, I decided to try more product design focused projects which took me to live a year at Barcelona, Spain. During that year, I got my MAs degree from ELISAVA, worked at a design studio, and explored part of Europe. Later then I came back to the island to tackle more product and branding projects.

In 2016 I became the first interaction designer at BOLD’s Puerto Rico office to work with the UX team located in San Francisco. I got to work there with a team of 16 amazing members, including interaction, visual designers and user researchers. The design team also grew at Puerto Rico to three members. During my time there I got to work new ideas for their B2C and B2B products, from a new resume building platform to a company review site for their most important product.

A year later I was approached by the Digital Banking team from BPPR to work with their mobile app and digital platforms. I was responsible for designing simple and coherent experiences across all their digital devices: mobile, desktop and ATM. Between 2019 and 2020 we launched a new cash back program, the bank’s first ATM touchscreen and reached a huge milestone of 1M users.

In late 2020, I took a new challenge to lead design at Red Ventures in their Puerto Rico office, connecting design with product, business, SEO and tech teams to build experiences and products.

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Besides building products, I enjoy traveling, running long distances, music, photography, reading and exploring new places, cities and food with my wife and family.

I see myself as a life-long learner and keep a “Teacher / Student” philosophy. You can always teach others what you know and always learn from others. The moment you start thinking you know everything, you have lost.


One way to teach and share what I know is through giving lectures. I enjoy talking about design, prototyping, and processes. Previously I have given lectures at multiple meetups and universities at Puerto Rico.

I also like to take time to mentor and guide young and upcoming designers who are interested in this field. If you are one, please send an email.

Watch my talk about UI Animations from 2016
Giving a talk at BOLD's UI/UX Meetup in 2017
About this site:

This site is a long overdue redesign and it’s a never ending project. I'll be constantly changing a few things here and there. It was design in Figma, built and hosted on Webflow, used Notion to structure all the content, tasks list and ideas, and uses Fathom Analytics (privacy focused analytics, no worries, this site is not tracking you). The font is Geomanist made by Atipo Foundry.